Monday, March 19, 2007

Fellowship and love

Christians gather together at least once a week for worship and fellowship. Let's look at fellowship first.

When it’s real, Christian fellowship is much more than hey-how-ya-doin'. In real fellowship we love one another as Jesus Christ loved us, and the world sees that we belong to him. If there’s anything more comforting, exciting and joy-making than being surrounded by people who love you, I’d like to know what it is.

Well, there is one thing: being in the presence of Love himself. Jesus told us that when even a few of his disciples gather together in his name, he’ll be there with us. That’s comforting in more ways than one, because the world knows whose we are. And they won’t like us any more than they liked him.

(c) Copyright 2007, A. Milton Stanley


Matt said...

People really area searching for authentic Christian community. Thank God for that. What this world has to offer turns out to be so empty that people are looking for something different than what they find at work. Often we are afraid of turning them off by appearing to be different when all along different is just what they need!

Milton Stanley said...