Friday, April 6, 2007


All of us have baggage. The trick is knowing when to lay it aside and get to work—and where the strength to do that comes from. Consider Israel. Their first king, Saul, was tall and handsome with great personal strength and charisma. But when the time came to put on the crown, where was Saul? Hiding in the baggage (1 Sam. 10:22). Saul, it seems, knew his own strength wasn’t enough for the job, but he never could quite trust the Lord enough to do it with God’s power.

Then there was David: young, obscure, disrespected. But when the time came for action, David gave his baggage to the baggage keeper and ran to the battlefield (1 Sam. 17:22). David didn’t look like a king, but he had something Saul didn’t: an unshakable faith in the Lord. And that was enough to kill giants.

(c) Copyright 2007, A. Milton Stanley


Sista Cala said...

The problems some folks have w/baggage is that they give it to God one Sunday and take it back on Monday. Others are quite willing to part w/the bulk items but not their 'pet' possessions. For many, these ailments (physical,mental, emotional, or spiritual) have become their means to obtaining attention, or excuses to keep them from serious service. It is a trust issue and The Almighty Baggage Handler can be trusted.

Milton Stanley said...

I agree with you completely, SC. Thanks for the insightful comments.