Monday, April 16, 2007

Faith and fear

There’s good fear and bad fear, and both are closely connected with faith. The good kind is fear of the Lord. Fearing God simply means respecting him for who he is: holy and merciful, maker of heaven and earth. If we fear the Lord we have faith that he knows what he’s talking about, and we follow his instructions. Good fear leads to all kinds of blessings, like knowing God and having his approval.

The bad kind is pretty much everything else. But here’s where the blessings begin to pile up: if we fear the Lord, we have fellowship with Love himself. We walk with Love, and he lives inside our hearts. And as much as we’re in fellowship with Perfect Love, the less we’re afraid of anything else: shame, assault, suffering, even death. The Love of God makes every other kind of fear go away.

(c) Copyright 2007. A. Milton Stanley


Dan Edelen said...


I had an insight this weekend that dealt with a similar issue. The post will come out Tuesday.

Fear grips too many of us.

Milton Stanley said...

I look forward to reading your article here directly. Peace.