Friday, April 27, 2007

Living with ambiguity

Ambiguity in the Bible is tough for many of us to face. We go to the Bible for answers, and if we have ears we’ll certainly find them. But sometimes the Word leaves us with more questions than when we came. How should Christians deal with that ambiguity?

Not, I hope, by writing another permutation of 5280 Bible “Contradictions” Explained. The temptation is strong (especially for preachers) to file off the rough edges and shut down discussion on the Word. But doing so may cause us to forget that God’s Word is not so much something we handle as something that handles us.

Let’s take time to read the Bible. Let’s get to know its overall themes and patterns and sweep. We’ll see how God’s people mess up again and again, but the Lord has mercy. We’ll find how Jesus Christ makes new. We may even catch a glimpse of how God’s loving grace is bigger than our own little conceptions, or even our language, can express.

(c) Copyright 2007, A. Milton Stanley


Jon Clayton said...

Milton, enjoy this blog. I added a link to you on my blog. Blog on brother!

Jon Clayton
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Milton Stanley said...

Thank you, Jon.