Friday, August 31, 2007

The day of the Lord

In the Bible, “the day of the Lord” is when the bill comes due. When a people’s sins became too great for God to put up with any longer, a day would come when God settles things. Israel’s prophets had proclaimed a day of the Lord against surrounding nations: Babylon (Isaiah 13); Egypt (Jeremiah 46); and Cush, Put, Lud, Arabia, and Libya (Ezekiel 30).

Israelites looked forward to the day of the Lord. They thought their enemies would all be destroyed and they would end up on top. So imagine the scene when prophets began telling God’s chosen people that they weren’t immune from punishment on the day of the Lord. “Why would you have the day of the Lord?” Amos asks, “It is darkness and not light.”

God has promised never to reject his chosen people completely. But he will punish when he has to, and that’s never a pleasant event. It might be a good idea for the church to remember that.

(c) Copyright 2007, A. Milton Stanley

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