Monday, January 21, 2008


We’ve all heard the word, but do we know what it really means? Saints are not necessarily the super-Christians, the spiritual elite. “Saints” literally means “the holy ones,” the ones set apart. The idea goes back to God’s instruction in Leviticus: “You be holy, for I am holy.” God is totally separate from sin and wants his people the same way.

Of course, there’s only one way to be a saint: in Christ. Saints are made holy by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. That means every Christian who believes in Christ, repents of sin and is baptized into his death and resurrection is a saint. In other words, saints are Christians—no more, no less.

God calls the ones he makes holy to live holy. A big part of Christian discipleship is learning that we are, really, saints, and that in Christ we have the power to live that way.

(c) Copyright 2008, A. Milton Stanley


Eric Jones said...

Very clearly, concisely, and nicely stated. Also, thanks for the A-list inclusion on TS for TransformedDaily. Keep up the good work.

Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for your kind words, Eric, and for your fine work at TD. Peace.