Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playing it safe

The Bible has plenty to say about people who do evil. But what about folks who play it safe, do no harm—what one writer called “good, honest, inoffensive folk”—people who lay low and don’t bother anybody? Well, if we can believe Jesus, the safe players are anything but safe.

Jesus told about a rich man who went away and left small fortunes with three of his workers. Two of the workers took chances and doubled the boss’s money. The other one played it safe and simply gave the boss his money back when he returned. Only one of the workers ended up getting fired; can you guess which one? (Read Matthew 25:14-30 if you still don’t know).

Jesus wasn’t teaching a lesson in money management. He was talking about God’s Kingdom. The King doesn’t call us to get saved and get comfortable. He calls Christians to take up our crosses and follow Jesus—into suffering and into death. And the amazing irony of the Kingdom is that dying to ourselves is where the real treasure is.

(c) Copyright 2008, A. Milton Stanley